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Sinclair's Gully vineyard is nestled high in Norton Summit in one of the most picturesque parts of the Adelaide Hills. At an elevation of 485 metres, this site was selected with its gentle northerly slope to maximise the sunlight on the vines.
Chardonnay (clone I10V1) and Sauvignon Blanc (clone F4V6) varieties were chosen based on their suitability to the cooler climate of the Adelaide Hills and the elevation of our vineyard. Approximately one thousand of each variety were planted with a row spacing of 1.25 by 2.2 metres. The vine rows run north-south to allow equal sunlight on both sides of the vines, ensuring even ripening of the grapes.

Our sustainable vineyard practices. Our philosophy in the vineyard is to use sustainable viticulture practices to ensure the vineyard remains in balance with nature. Herbicides and pesticides have not been sprayed in the vineyard since 2001. We have reintroduced native grasses across the entire vineyard floor to encourage beneficial insects and bat populations as biological controls.

 Native grasses are slashed late in the season to allow the seed heads to mature and be dispersed across the vineyard.  We do not use synthetic fertilizers and we do not over fertilize or excessively water our vineyard. We use water efficient drip irrigation as required to ensure vine health. 

Minimal mechanisation is used in the vineyard to minimise erosion and void soil compaction. This, in conjunction with the use of minimal sprays, is consistent with our approach towards organic practice.
 All of our vines are individually hand pruned by Sue and Sean over winter and the grapes are hand picked at vintage. We believe that soil health is the most critical element of producing high quality fruit. This is ensured by the use of biodynamic practices in our vineyard.
We are committed to producing Adelaide Hills wine of the highest quality and believe that the secret to making a great wine starts in the vineyard, by producing grapes of the highest quality using well managed ecologically sustainable practices.


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Created by Sue and Sean Delaney of Sinclair's Gully